Our Approach

The Approach

Close your eyes...sit still and clear your thoughts for a few minutes.
Then without limits - Set a goal...desired objective or better yet...a career...and I mean “think big”, shoot for the stars.

This is “The Mission” and must be completed.

Eliminate the following words from your vocabulary. “I can’t, I was going too, if only, didn’t have time, would’ve but, could’ve but, it was because of, I didn’t pass the.....etc, etc, etc.
“Eyes on the Prize”

Our Story

His Story

I’m not a stranger to the backgrounds described in our “mission statement,” and through the years I fell flat on my face many times. A young “snot nosed,” inner city kid just trying to keep my head above the water, I went along on an 8th grade field trip to the local airport and watched these magnificent machines (airplanes) takeoff and land. I decided that this is what I wanted to do...”become a pilot,” and would dream of being up there anytime I heard and watched an airplane up in the sky above. Real talk....I had no clue of how I could accomplish my dream of becoming a pilot. If it weren’t for 2 teachers, 1 extremely dedicated guidance counselor, my aunt and crazy cousins it may have never happened. The single most important “Constant” in these individuals that made a difference in my life was that they took the time to spend with me which equaled INFLUENCE. I can’t stress how important that is.
Throwing money at a problem and/or having tons of meetings just talking about issues does very little.
I want to “giveback,” by producing as many high quality rated pilots as possible and ask that you help me in this endeavor.
Thank you,
Dell Mance

Meet the Team

Dedicated to helping serve the community through the sharing of knowledge and experience. Our goal? To develop, mold and foster those youth/young adults who simply need to be surrounded by those who care deeply and that are passionate about seeing them succeed.


Dell Mance

Founder & President 

First Officer, Alaska Airlines


Chuck Jones


California Highway Patrol


Darsy Danielle Collins


Flight Attendant, United Airlines.

We need more role models.....