Primary Program - So you want to be a pilot?

The Founders primary objective is to produce as many Aviators he can reach.

Our Founder is a FAA Certified:
Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)
Certified Flight Instructor - SE
Certified Flight Instructor - Instr.
Multi-Engine Instructor


Secondary Program - Anatomy a favorite subject?

Take a seat and listen to how a patient is diagnosed. Learn the insight to how the body “ticks” from a medical professional.


Secondary Program - Be a defender of “Civil Rights”...we need lawyers.

Embrace the special language of Law. Become a Law Enforcement Officer. How legal terms and actions are broken up into elements. The process beginning from a traffic search to search and seizure.


Nutrition Education Required Course

Monitor and track not only what you eat but how you eat for healthy living. Creating a healthy lifestyle within the body helps with total success.

Physical Fitness - Mandatory PT

Running, Cross-Fit, Cardio, Calisthenics, Push-ups, Sit-ups, Suicides, Pull-ups, Weight training...etc.

Then add our precision like discipline building drills and you start to understand the successful formula.


Next Step.......Choose an area of interest.